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Redwood Real Estate Administration

We live and breathe real estate fund administration and accounting, so you don’t have to.


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  • Focus on Real Estate, not Accounting

    Redwood specializes in non-institutional sized, real estate asset-based funds, syndications and management entities.

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  • Provide Confidence to your Investors

    Redwood provides security to your investors as a trusted third-party administrator.

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  • Scale your Business and Reduce Overhead

    Redwood has the technology, expertise, and Middle Market Real Estate connections you need to scale your business.

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Why Clients Choose Redwood REA

“I bragged about you guys to the 80+ people who attended my fund presentation event last night. I spoke to my investors about how having third party administration from Redwood is key to our success, and that they should only invest in a fund that utilizes administration services with a reputable company such as yours.”

- Mark Hanf, Pacific Private Money Inc.

“We hired Redwood to administer our first closed-ended real estate fund that we launched back in 2016. We were already experienced in syndications but the Fund model was new to us, so we wanted to go with a firm that had specialized knowledge in private equity fund accounting. By hiring Redwood, we were able to grow our business without having to add more employees and our investors take great comfort in having a reputable third party prepare the financial statements and calculate their distributions. As we are getting ready to launch our second Fund, Redwood is once again our first choice in a third-party fund administrator.”

- Max Sharkansky, Trion Properties

“Redwood administers many of our SBRE clients and works closely with our firm. Redwood provides a valuable resource to fund managers by streamlining the accounting process, thereby allowing the funds to report accurately to their investors. Redwood provides us with quality accounting and financial data, allowing us to timely deliver audit and tax reporting to our clients and meet their expectations. We feel confident in Redwood’s services due to their expertise in private lending and real estate syndications.”

- Jeff Spiegel, Spiegel Accountancy Corp

“The team at Redwood REA understand SBRE investing and fill a need in the industry. Having Redwood as their fund administrator has allowed our Fund managers to focus on raising capital, source deals, and most importantly sleep at night.”

- Jason Gilbert, Armanino LLP

“Thrive launched its first fund in 2015 and interviewed various companies to provide 3rd party fund administration services. We chose Fairway America, now Redwood Real Estate Administration, and have been very pleased with our 4 year relationship. The team at Redwood is pleasant to work with and works very hard to produce accurate and timely financial information. They are very responsive to our needs and those of our investors. Their systems are robust and they capably provide information that we need to successfully manage our fund. By using their services, we have been able to grow our fund and achieve our goals for this investment vehicle without adding significant overhead in our operating company. At this time, we are forming two new funds and expect to engage Redwood to continue providing excellent fund administration for these new investments.”

- Karen Berns, Thrive, FP

“We use Redwood for all of our funds and syndications. Their Accounting expertise and Real Estate focus allows us to prioritize finding new deals and growing our funds, which is what we love to do. Without a 3rd-party administrator handling a lot of the detailed accounting work we could not have scaled our business as quickly as we have.”

- Matt Burk, Fairway America