[WEBINAR] The Three Secrets to Raising Capital from High Net Worth Individuals

The three secrets to raising capital from high net worth individuals are…

  1. Connect emotionally
  2. Always be educating
  3. Focus on execution


SECRET #1 RESOURCES: Connect Emotionally

The story I referred to during the webinar where Matt details the various trials and tribulations begins at 3:32. He will typically share some version of this story at every investor event we host.

Stephen Seal’s personal story starts at 0:39 in the video. In a very short period of time Stephen gives you a glimpse into what he’s all about.

Blake Hansen begins his presentation with a video that is narrated from the perspective of a prospective investor. In two minutes, it sets the stage for what Blake is all about as a person and a real estate investor. Very powerful!

SECRET #2 RESOURCES: Always be educating

SBRE Investment Summit

In this video Matt explains the genesis of the SBRE Investment Summit and what the true purpose of the event is. This event really hits on all three of the secrets. There are emotional connections on many levels, the entire purpose of the event is to educate and the event itself is executed perfectly from the way people are invited, to how they are treated the moment they step off the plane and the venues are always world class.

37th Parallel Properties

This is one of the best, if not the best, website I found when pouring through hundreds of real estate investment sponsors website in search of the three secrets being executed.

Hughes Capital (Greg Hughes and Steve Sixbury)

Greg and Steve are masters of the educational investor event. I believe this is the playbook that every sponsor should run. It is the perfect format to execute on all three of the secrets and all things being equal should have a really great return on investment. Not everyone can pull of an SBRE Investment Summit but you can pull this off.

Mile Marker Club (Ryan Parson)

The combination of the Mile Marker Club and Ryan’s Motorhome & Money Tour are absolutely brilliant. Ryan drives a motorhome all around the country and creates a built-in excuse to throw a party. The motorhome is ostensibly a moving billboard as it has a graphics wrap with a call to action for high net worth investors to reach out if they want to learn more about how to maximize their retirement funds. Genius!

Self Storage Investing (Scott Myers)


Pacific Private Money (Mark Hanf and Edward Brown)

[WEBINAR] How to Launch Your Own Fund


Are you a real estate entrepreneur who has considered launching your own fund? You know other people have done it, but the prospects seem daunting. Maybe you have even spoken to legal counsel but have more questions than answers about what it is really like to launch and manage a pooled investment fund.

If so, then look no further. The experts at Redwood will tell you the real deal, the street level truth, about launching and running a fund. It certainly isn’t for everyone, but for some, it represents the freedom to make decisions they have worked their whole real estate career to achieve.

We have consulted with more than 100 SBRE entrepreneurs around the country on the formation of their own pooled investment funds. Additionally, Redwood administers over 120 fund and real estate entities across every asset structure. From those experiences, we have distilled the secrets to success in launching a fund into a handful of the most important factors which we shared in this hour-long interactive webinar.

You will Learn:

  • The 3 musts to having a great fund
  • How to raise capital in a pooled fund format
  • Why structure matters and how to know which one makes sense for your asset model
  • Why some funds grow rapidly and other fizzle
  • Do’s and don’ts to a successful launch