Earlier this month, I had an awesome experience at Financial Research Associates’ Private Investment Funds Accounting and Tax Forum in New York City. I have attended these events for the past several years and this one was the liveliest yet thanks to folks just coming off their first Tax Cuts and Jobs Act (TCJA) tax season. This was the most … Continue reading
Once you have decided on the type of fund, based on your asset strategy, financial model and your capital raise plan, you will then need to consider the finer details, including how to structure your fund to maximize your opportunity to raise capital and minimize administration headaches. In our experience working with real estate managers across the country and with … Continue reading
Once you have decided to make the transition to a Fund structure, the hard work starts.  The first challenge is figuring out how to structure your fund. Among the multitude of considerations, the top questions include what type of fund would work best with your asset strategy and how will fund structure maximize your opportunity to raise capital? In this … Continue reading
A significant portion of Redwood’s clients manage mortgage pool funds. When working with these clients, some of whom have large portfolios of loans, we have seen a variety of loan servicing strategies and capabilities. Those managers who have a clear strategy and strong capabilities in loan servicing are able to more effectively manage their loan portfolios, are able to receive … Continue reading
When starting a Fund, it is easy to underestimate the complexities of the operation: raising capital, originating deals, managing cash flow, investor relations, regular reporting requirements, tax returns, and so on. There are a lot of moving parts, which is why many Managers choose to outsource their Fund Administration to an independent third-party. Whether you are starting a Fund, or … Continue reading
Transitioning from a single deal structure to a Fund can be an appealing proposition; chasing investors for one-off deals can become incredibly frustrating and inefficient. However, it is common for experienced real estate entrepreneurs to underestimate the challenges of making the transition. Is now the right time to transition? Before converting to a Fund structure, first consider the following: Do … Continue reading
The three secrets to raising capital from high net worth individuals are… Connect emotionally Always be educating Focus on execution <<DOWNLOAD SLIDES>> SECRET #1 RESOURCES: Connect Emotionally The story I referred to during the webinar where Matt details the various trials and tribulations begins at 3:32. He will typically share some version of this story at every investor event we … Continue reading
 <<DOWNLOAD SLIDES>> Are you a real estate entrepreneur who has considered launching your own fund? You know other people have done it, but the prospects seem daunting. Maybe you have even spoken to legal counsel but have more questions than answers about what it is really like to launch and manage a pooled investment fund. If so, then look no … Continue reading