Opportunity Zone Funds

Whether you are looking at starting a single asset fund, or a pooled investment fund, let Redwood help you maximize the potential of the Opportunity Zone Fund legislation.

We are uniquely positioned to administer Opportunity Zone Funds, as the only fund administrator exclusively focused on Middle Market Real Estate entities. Working with developers and entrepreneurs to manage the financial and investor accounting, as well as compliance aspects of their Funds, is what we do, letting you focus on real estate.


  • Streamline investor onboarding, with electronic signatures and integrated accreditation verification, AML, OFAC and KYC compliance
  • Maintain investment support schedules
  • Calculate Net Asset Value (NAV)
  • Calculate income and expense accruals and management fees
  • Produce quarterly financial statement packages
  • Maintain the Capital Account Reconciliation
  • Process Capital Calls
  • Track basis increase over life of the Fund
  • Track ratio of investment in Opportunity Zone property within the Fund
  • Track basis value of property for the “Substantial Improvement” test
  • Track regular IRS reporting requirements and provide calculations
  • Provide year-end tax and audit support

Redwood, the real estate fund administration experts, can help you navigate the reporting, investor servicing and regulatory requirements of an Opportunity Zone Fund, to allow you to focus on raising capital.

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