Professional Real Estate Administration, Accounting and Reporting for SBRE Entrepreneurs

Our Service Offerings

Our exclusive focus on Small Balance Real Estate brings institutional quality financial tracking, reporting and technology to non-institutional sized funds, syndications and managers. Do more of what you love to do (real estate deals) and let us handle the part of your business you hate!

Accounting Services for SBRE Funds, Syndications and Managers

Most fund administration companies focus on large private equity and hedge funds, not real estate. Worst yet, if you don’t have $100,000,000 in AUM (at least), you get treated with about as much respect as Rodney Dangerfield.

Finally, there is a fund administration company that focuses exclusively on Small Balance Real Estate entrepreneurs and actually wants your business! If you are new, emerging, or experienced real estate fund managers or syndicators, you can now get professional and institutional quality administration, including:

  • Recording and tracking all monthly transactions provided by property managers, loan servicers and fund managers
  • Maintaining investment schedules, recording investment transactions, and updating accounting records for all relevant events
  • Calculating all income and expenses, and maintaining appropriate accrual schedules
  • Recording all necessary activity to capture acquisitions, dispositions, refinances, etc.
  • Administering open and closed-ended pooled investment funds including Unit Price calculations, Net Asset Value (NAV) tracking, calculating distributions per your offering documents, etc.
  • Prepare and deliver financial reports to managers for review and delivery to investors
  • And much, much more!

Alternative Investment Management Platform Technology

A major barrier to efficiency, growth and success for SBRE entrepreneurs is the complete lack of relevant and user friendly technology to handle the entire investment management process.

Instead, SBRE entrepreneurs are forced to try to cobble together a system of reporting using a hodge-podge of programs and tools that is at best cumbersome and time consuming. Not anymore!

Meet Marko, our revolutionary technology platform for SBRE entrepreneurs and their investors, which includes:

  • A secure, white-labeled investor portal providing 24/7 access to managers and investors
  • Ability to complete the entire investor subscription process online in minutes
  • Integrated investor identity verification to ensure BSA/AML, OFAC and KYC compliance
  • Built-in verification of investor accreditation for 506(c) offerings
  • Support for all legal entity types including IRA accounts
  • Visibility to investors throughout the investment process
  • and much, much more!

Investor Services and Benefits

Providing your investors with timely, professional and accurate information and support can be very difficult in small real estate offerings. For most SBRE entrepreneurs, time and resource constraints combined with this not being a core competency add up to average investor communication.

With Redwood and Marko combined, you can now provide world-class investor services and benefits to one of your most important constituencies – your valuable investors!

We help you:

  • Provide investors with unique login credentials and access to as much information as you want to provide
  • Calculate investor preferred returns, profit splits, capital accounts, and share prices
  • Make distributions easily through ACH or checks
  • Prepare and distribute investor statements and respond to investor inquiries (as requested)
  • Generate and distribute 1099-INT forms to applicable investors
  • Liaise with fund or syndication CPAs concerning tax and K-1 preparation
  • and much more!